short video script writing

PayPal came to Iris and asked us to make a set of three films showing off some of the more exciting startups in the region – specifically Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia.

We shot the first film in February 2020 about Singapore-based jewellery brand Eden+Elie and promptly started planning our Vietnamese shoot.

You can probably imagine what happens next. Here in Singapore, we were still travelling overseas for fun until mid-March, and then suddenly nothing. Luckily, we found two other great merchants here in Singapore.

I took the lead in the ideation and development of these videos. Starting from the initial interviews with the merchants, I took the lead in the ideation and execution of these videos. This included creating the interview questions, storyboards, developing the script, and conducting on-camera interviews.

Our final deliverables were three 90s films about the brand and three 30s fun clips featuring some Business Tips from each of the founders. Please contact me to see the full videos.


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