app script & development

Of the many projects Iris and Abbott worked on together, maybe the most exciting was developing the Gluco Coach app for their FreeStyle Libre sense. This product is designed to help people manage their diabetes more comfortably and easily than in the past by providing a new and better way to monitor glucose levels – basically, no more having to prick your finger.

One of the biggest benefits of the FreeStyle Libre system is the amount of data it provides the wearer with since it takes continuous measurements. The only problem – doctors and healthcare professionals were struggling to teach their patients how to access, read and understand this data.

That’s where the GlucoCoach app comes in. We created an app that teachers people how to read their glucose data through a fun and friendly VR app that teaches about the different aspects of the data.

Working closely with our in-house Creative Technologist, I helped develop the concept and write the scripts for the app. Check out the app on the App Store or Google Play.


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